Your expert guide for customer experience training that makes renewals a no-brainer.

CXology is a competition-crushing, guided-learning customer experience program for organizations that rely on recurring revenue for growth.

What Is CXology?

CXology is an e-learning platform and community that provides training, resources and peer-to-peer conversations. We work with leaders and team members to create and implement best practice customer experiences.

At CXology, we know that Sales is not your only path to growth. Customer experience after the initial sale is the key to locking in greater long-term value. Engage your customers and see customer retention and expansion become an easy “yes.”

Your CXology Membership Includes

  • Play Library

    Plays are the backbone of CXology. Get unlimited access to a growing library of plays for every key moment across the customer’s lifecycle with your company.

  • Resources

    Resources run the gamut to further support you as a customer experience leader, from skill building for your entire team to the Churn Virus calculator to quantify the cost of customer churn. And much more!

  • Skill Building

    Skill building to improve your whole team’s approach to customer engagement.

Join like minded peers passionate about navigating the customer experience landscape.

James L.

Head of Customer Success

"Ali and Tim have created a unique product in the market that delivers practical guidance to improve customer experience, and ultimately bottom-line revenue."

Jason M.

Customer Success Manager

"CXology helped me develop a framework for taking action amidst a never-ending to-do list."

Emily R.

Manager, Implementation

"Ali and Tim just “get it” because of their experience with various clients and were the perfect sounding board along the way.”

Devyn M.


Having a program like CXology not only gives me tools and knowledge, but also a community of thinkers.

Leigh H.

VP, Client Success

Discovering CXology couldn’t have come at a better time! A tool like CXology helps us in two ways – provides guidance to analyze our client experience while also providing a mechanism to upskill our team in Client Success. It’s a win win!

Jesse K.

VP, Customer Success

I'm glad to have a methodology I can rely on to help me mature our CX functions one step at a time -- without feeling like I need to invent each wheel -- and a community of CX pros on the journey with me.

Become a CXology Early Adopter

Get a curated experience through your play development and deployment

Why Become An Early Adopter?

As we launch CXology, we will roll out plays one at a time to provide you a guided experience. Your membership includes training videos that walk you through each step of the play development process. Each play has downloads, templates and more.

As an Early Adopter, you will also get access to live sessions with CXology founders for real-time Q&A as you create your plays.

Here's How Early Adopter Pricing Works

  • As a EAP member, you will get your EAP subscription (at $59/person/month price) for life, as long as you remain an ongoing member of CXology.

  • Sign up people individually here. For group enrollment, please contact us.

  • EAP pricing IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME. Grab your spot now!

Let's Do This!

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