Meet Our Founders

CXology was founded by Ali Cudby & Tim Conder.

Ali Cudby

It drives me bonkers when I see good companies undermine their growth potential because the company doesn’t invest in customer retention.

When customers feel seen, heard and valued they want to buy more, stay longer and tell their friends and colleagues about their experience, leading to higher revenue, improved rates of renewal, more upsells and positive word-of-mouth.

Customer experience is a marriage of 1) making customers feel appreciated 2) consistent processes for implementation, tracking and metrics. We call that the Heart and Smart of customer experience, and you need both.

Heart and Smart is a key concept in my bestselling book Keep Your Customers, and is also the foundation of our work in CXology.

Tim Conder

I have been on the customer-facing side of SaaS and technology for most of my career. It wasn’t until I became a customer of SaaS products that I realized great products aren’t enough. Yes, feature parity to the problems we are trying to solve is essential, but being successful is so much more than that.

Companies that were able to anticipate challenges, provide a vision and a path to help me achieve my goals, and were well coordinated behind the scenes were the companies that I looked forward to engaging with as a customer.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience isn’t easy. It takes coordination. That’s why we created CXology - to help companies create and deploy right-sized plays for customer experience so companies see their innovative products and services get used successfully by their customers.

I am excited for you to experience CXology.

Ali & Tim serve as lead instructors for CXology. They are also partners at the consulting company Alignmint Growth Strategies. Ali & Tim's work at Alignmint is the foundation of CXology's methodology.